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Ela plays lots of private party gigs but also can be heard regularly on the Brighton jazz scene as well as around Sussex with many talented jazz musicians! It turns out, too many to keep up to date with on this page! (She tried and failed!) So…

For current updates you have two options!
For up to date information on my gigs, please join my emailing list and/or follow me on facebook where I advertise my gigs. 

My mailing list get a little more advanced notice of gigs coming up and the odd nice link to something I’ve been listening to that week. I don’t send lots of emails, only every so often, honest, I won’t pester and of course you can unsubscribe at any time. 

To join my email list, just drop me a line to elasouthgate@gmail.com

Alternatively you can follow me on facebook where I post gig info.

Come and say hi on instagram too, though my postings about gigs are a bit more random!

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