Jazz for John Bowlby

Jazz for john bowlby performed by Jazzindo

John Southgate wrote a suite of songs in the early 1990s in response to the death in 1990 of John Bowlby.

A performance of the suite at Burgh House was recorded and released on cassette in 1991. This recording along with John Southgate’s introduction to each song has been remastered and is available to listen to on Spotify.

Jazzindo Personnel –

John Southgate – Piano
Ned Bray – Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet
Kate White – Percussion and Indian Harmonium
Pete Matthews – String Bass
Keshav Sathe – Tablas

All songs written by John Southgate, apart from Autumn Skye and This One’s For You John both written by Ned Bray.

This 1991 album was re-released to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the the publication of the first volume, Attachment, in John Bowlby’s brilliant trilogy Attachment and Loss, (1969). Recorded on a vintage Sony DAT Walkman during a live concert, it has been carefully digitally remastered. 

John Southgate, wrote this suite in response to the death in 1990 of a person to whom he had become very attached. John Bowlby was the  supervisor of his psychotherapeutic work and advisor on the founding of the radical attachment informed psychotherapy training which was being established at that time. 

Latterly this became The Bowlby Centre, London. 

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